Samuel Grayson

I am a PhD student on a crusade to improve software quality in research software. I want to be well-rounded in a variety of topics including math, physics, data science, law, history, and music theory. I have a passion for learning, teaching, and encouraging diversity.


More than half of scientists across all fields develop software for their research (Hettrick). These scientists have the responsibilities of a software engineer, but they may not have that training. While scrutiny, independent reproducibility, and building on prior work undergird the scientific method (Merton), "research software" powering publications is often inscrutible, irreproducible, and not extensible (Collberg and Proebsting) despite best effort.

We can improve this problem by using software tools and changing incentives. However, software engineering industrial tools need “translation” to work for the unique problems, environment, and users in the scientific domain. The incentives should be more instructive than just nominally “open”, and they should build on FAIR principles (Katz et al.).

Status PhD Candidate
Expected graduation 2024 May
Research Area Computer Science > Software Engineering
School University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign




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